Miguel Cotto

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Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto June 10th, 2013

@wbcmoro @eaag Gracias Moro Un abrazo te vemos pronto!

Miguel Cotto June 9th, 2013

Gracias a @ZonaEspn_NY @ESPNDeportes por sus atenciones y a todos ustedes por el apoyo.

Miguel Cotto June 9th, 2013

In the Float with My friends Of @ZonaEspn_NY @ESPNDeportes #PRParade @eaag http://t.co/Gkp38T0VSF

Miguel Cotto June 9th, 2013

En NY para la parada Puertorriqueña con @espn @eaag / In NY for the PR Day Parade with @espn @ESPNDeportes

Miguel Cotto June 8th, 2013

@TheClassyJr is a pleasure to have you with us tonight @SHOsports @TurningStone http://t.co/wgjFkSjmp6

Miguel Cotto June 7th, 2013

@TurningStone @SHOsports Ready For Tonight’s Show @eaag @arielferrer @hsantos17 http://t.co/9iOln8gfec

Miguel Cotto June 7th, 2013

@JeffreyDinamita 132lbs vs. Alejandro Rodriguez 132lbs @TurningStone @SHOsports @eaag @Everlast_ http://t.co/TuqVmN2bZW

Miguel Cotto June 7th, 2013

@Destroyerpr 158lbs vs Nick Brinson 157.7lbs @TurningStone @SHOsports http://t.co/5DnIo4YCPb

Miguel Cotto June 6th, 2013

@Destroyerpr on @SHOsports meetings at @TurningStone Weigh-In at 5:00pm @eaag @Everlast_

Miguel Cotto June 4th, 2013

Nick Brinson will clash with @Destroyerpr this Friday June 7 @TurningStone on @SHOsports

Miguel Cotto June 3rd, 2013

Back to business… http://t.co/jqaTdrXL2B

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